Terms & Conditions

People Network Consultancy:  Terms and Conditions

PNC will produce a draft proposal for a client outlining what is being proposed and an indication of the PNC fee structure for each key element of the proposal. The proposal is subject to amendment by either party but would need to be mutually agreed before becoming an Agreement.

The Agreement sets out the key elements of the services and tasks that PNC has agreed to undertake for the client and where appropriate the timescales for completion.

Expectations of clients by PNC for any agreement are:

  • That when visiting or working within client’s premises PNC personnel will be informed of any health & safety requirements, emergency procedures and will be kept safe.
  • That PNC personnel will be treated with respect and not be subject to discrimination, abuse, harassment or victimisation
  • That disclosure of all relevant data and information will be made to PNC when determining appropriate responses to situations presented, and in particular where legal issues are involved.

Expectations of PNC from clients are:

  • That PNC personnel will act in accordance with their Professional Code of Practice.
  • Will only give advice, guidance or information within their area of competence and training, referring to other professional expertise where necessary.
  • Will act in accordance with their duty of care, and in accordance with the client’s rules with regard to health & safety and policies/protocol in relation to discrimination and related issues.
  • Will not disclose sensitive client data or information to a third party without consent

Invoicing & payments

Unless otherwise agreed PNC will present invoices at the beginning of each month setting out the services provided or tasks undertaken as set out in the Agreement.

Payment of invoices must be made by BACs transfer to the PNC Account by the last day of the month, unless otherwise agreed.  PNC reserves the right to charge interest on any outstanding amounts after the agreed payment date.

Termination of Agreement: By either party giving one month’s notice to the other.


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