Relationships & Conflict


How you manage and supervise your employees, communicate and consult with employees, and motivate your employees can result in either a high performing and loyal and committed workforce or a dissatisfied and poor performing group of employees that will have a negative effect on your organisations ability to meet business objectives and satisfy customer expectations.

  • PNC can assist you set up efficient and effective performance management systems, employee health & wellbeing programmes and productive staff communication and consultative systems.

Equality and Diversity

All organisations must have in place policies and procedures that prevent discrimination, harassment and victimisation on the grounds of the protected characteristics contained in the Equality Act 2010.

Claims of discrimination, harassment or victimisation against organisations or individuals can be costly in financial terms but also in terms of management time to deal with the situation. In certain circumstances there can be a criminal prosecution.

  • PNC Consultancy can assist employers to compile appropriate policies and procedures, deliver equality and diversity training and offer mediation to resolve issues.

Dealing with Grievances

Despite an employer’s best efforts to have good employee relationships and a satisfied workforce, disputes and complaints will arise. It is essential that managers deal with grievances and complaints properly and fairly and in accordance with the organisation’s own processes. Failure to do this in the right way can result in:

  • Constructive dismissal claims where an employee felt their grievances had not been dealt with properly
  • Breach of contract claims on the basis of a breakdown of trust and confidence
  • Discrimination claims where the employee felt their grievance or complaint was not handled appropriately because of a protected characteristic
  • Adverse publicity where grievances are aired in the media
  • PNC can offer you advice and guidance on handling these situations in accordance with legal requirements and the ACAS Code. Early involvement can save you time and money in the long run.

Redundancy Management

The law regarding redundancy is complex and each situation may need a different approach to be legally compliant depending on the location, number and type of employees affected.  Strict timelines have to be followed and failure to adhere to the legal requirements can result in an injunction to halt redundancy proceedings.

More pro-active employees also offer Outplacement Services for employees at risk or dismissed on redundancy grounds, assisting them in finding alternative employment or even helping them to set up their own business.

  • PNC can provide advice and guidance to employers on whether a redundancy situation exists and if so what the correct redundancy plan to follow should be. Throughout the process being implemented PNC consultants can be involved at different stages to support managers.


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