Contractual law

A contract is formed when obligations and requirements are agreed between employer and employee and the law provides remedies if any of these are ignored. Due to the complexity of this definition it’s important to create employment contracts that fit your organisation’s needs, whilst remaining legally compliant.

  • PNCs expertise can help you ensure your contracts remain fit-for-purpose.


If your organisation works within the public sector and/or if your employees or volunteers work with children, young people or vulnerable adults, then you need to know about Safeguarding arrangements, PREVENT (the Government’s anti-terrorism, radicalisation & exploitation requirements) and the need for DBS vetting.

  • PNC can provide advice, guidance and training with regards to all aspects of safeguarding.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Most organisations are familiar with the need to ensure health and safety legal requirements are met but increasingly the concept of employee health and wellbeing also has to be addressed to ensure workers are fit and capable of undertaking their job role safely. In addition, wellbeing is an important element for the support of those in the workforce who have a physical or mental disability.

  • Our health, safety and well-being consultancy can assist you in complying with UK and EU health and safety law and regulations.


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